Coalition Against the Deportation of Irish Children: Evaluation of CADIC Achievements 2006-2007 (Final Report)

Oct 1, 2008
CADIC is widely considered to have been a very successful coalition by its members, funders and external parties. It mounted a high quality campaign that influenced government policy and provided effective support to a large number of vulnerable people. Its experience of coalition working highlights the following critical success factors that other NGOs entering a collaborative working model should consider carefully.
  • An effective model for NGO engagement with Government involves approaching Government with confidence, presenting a united front, recognizing the skills and experience that can be brought to bear and playing to the mutual benefits of constructive engagement.
  • Best practices included the establishment of a Strategic Litigation Group to pool the expertise of legal practitioners in the fields of immigration and human rights, providing an expert forum in which further casework and response to legislative change can be supported.
  • Best practices included the establishment of positive working relationships between CADIC members that can be continued for the benefit of service provision and policy action either informally or through the establishment of new joint working structures.
  • Best practices included the development of research and analysis collateral that names and documents the issues affecting IBC families so they can be progressed by member organisations and others beyond the lifespan of the coalition.
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