Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Chevy Chase, MD |


Assets: $22,544,411,510
Total Giving: $34,069,870

The purpose of the Institute is promotion of human knowledge within the field of basic sciences (chiefly medical research and education) and the effective application thereof to benefit mankind. The Institute is a medical research organization, not a private foundation, under federal tax codes. Through its Medical Research Program, the Institute's scientists conduct fundamental biomedical research throughout the U.S. in the fields of cell biology, computational biology, genetics, immunology, neuroscience, and structural biology. Through its Office of Grants and Special Programs, the Institute awards grants for education in biology and related sciences, funds research at medical schools, and supports fundamental research abroad. The emphasis of the grants program is graduate, undergraduate, and precollege and public science education. Graduate support is primarily awarded under two programs: 1) Research Training Fellowships for Med. Students. Deadline: early Jan.; 2) HHMI-NIH Research Scholars Program. Deadline: Jan. 10. The Undergraduate Science Education Program, awards grants to colleges and universities for 1) student research and expanding access in the sciences; 2) science equipment and lab renovations; 3) faculty and curriculum development; and 4) outreach programs in the sciences and mathematics with elementary and secondary schools, and with junior/community colleges. The HHMI Professors awards, an Undergraduate Program initiative, supports and empowers accomplished research scientists in transmitting the excitement and values of scientific research to undergraduate education. The Institute continues to monitor trends in science education and science, including public and private support. The Precollege Science Education Program addresses concerns about science literacy in the general population by engaging K-12 students, teachers, and families in science education.